Bulk Messaging

Bulk Messaging from Text Marketer

Bulk messaging is a somewhat clumsy term to describe the process of sending any number of text messages to customers, prospects or contacts. 

There are a numbers of options for sending messages. The quickest and easiest bulk messaging route is our web-based system called MessageBox. It’s been designed for non-technical folk and from completing the simple signup form, most people can send their first text message in just a few minutes. You can even send a message from just one screen, so no need to spend time reading dull tutorials or manuals. 

Retail SMS from 1.9p

Bulk Messaging Supporrt

If you do find yourself wondering what buttons too press, then we do have a series of handy videos that explain in just a few moments how each part of the system works. We also have a team of friendly support people who can help you out, whatever your query happens to be.

So bulk messaging is easy and don’t be told otherwise. Setting up an account is free and you will get some free text credits for testing. Text Marketer aims to be the lowest provider for a high quality service. We’ve even put together a price comparison table so you can see what our competitors charge. Check it out on our prices page.