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Text Marketing VS Postal Mail – Infographic

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Text Marketing VS Postal Mail - Infographic

Are you still using the postal service for all your communications? If so you are in for some great news as switching to SMS could save your business thousands of pounds, boost business and be environmentally greener all at the same time. Bold claim, but we stand by it and this is not one of those over-complicated articles on efficiency, structure or cost effectiveness. This comes down to cold, hard pounds, shillings and pence… and has a strong, environmentally positive message too.

Why spend 50p or more on a letter, stationery, time, postage costs etc. (not to mention valuable wood resources for the paper, fuel costs for the delivery, etc. etc.) When a simple 3.8p text message would suffice. Using SMS can boost your response rates as well as save you money and the world’s trees. Research suggests that SMS is 6 to 8 times more responsive than email and 5 times more responsive than direct mail. (Cellit)

If you sent 100,000 messages via the postal service it would cost a staggering £50,000 and the lives of 25 innocent, fully mature trees. Where if you sent the equivalent in SMS, it would cost you £3,800. Saving you £46,200 and all those innocent trees.

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