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Achieve better response from SMS Marketing – Infographic

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Achieve better response from SMS Marketing - Infographic

Some of us maybe more advanced in our SMS marketing knowledge and know how than others. However there is usually a little room for improvement and with this, Things to test to achieve a better response from your SMS marketing campaign infographic, you might pick up a little trick or two.

Timing. We have noticed that there are two peak response times, one over the lunch break between 12 and 2pm and another during the afternoon and early evening commute.

Offer. Try different offers to see which type works best with your customers. Expiration dates, percentage offers or money off offers. Some will work better with your target market than others.

Message length. You can now send texts up to 612 characters so you can maybe add a bit more detail in and explain offers.

Follow-up message. Maybe try sending a follow up message and measure the response.

Segment your database. People are different and want they want or would be interested in varies, so you can segment your customers into distinct categories and send them messages that they will be interested in.

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Achieve better response from SMS Marketing - Infographic
Source: Text Marketer Bulk SMS Services

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