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This will make you more attractive to girls if you read it – Infographic

This will make you more attractive to girls if you read it. Which of course is what most of us want, but even more so when it comes to sales and business and here in this infographic are some facts and stats about why it is important that your business is attractive to girls.

Girls have power, whatever men say down the pub about being in control of the remote control and wearing the trousers in their relationship, might all be yet another story that falls into the notorious pub tale. In the United States girls controlled 85% of all purchases. (Women’s Marketing Inc.) At the Marketing to Women Conference it was confirmed that they made 65% of all car purchases, 66% of Computer purchases, 80% of Healthcare decisions and 93% of food purchases.

With so much power how best is it to market to them? Well Women’s Marketing Inc. researchers say that 46% of women will turn to their smartphone when they first wake up. At least once a day 22% of girls will shop online, with a whopping 92% of girls passing on information about deals. (Mindshare/Ogilvy & Mather)

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