SMS Gateway – How to connect to Text Marketer's SMS Gateway APIs

Connecting your App or Software to Text Marketer’s SMS Gateway

Developers around the UK and worldwide use Text Marketer’s SMS Gateway to connect their software or applications and ‘SMS enable’ them (see some examples). There are a number of different ways in which you can connect with the SMS Gateway depending on your level of technical knowledge and/or your requirements. The main benefits of using our gateway is its resilience, reliability and the lower prices we charge for UK directly connected text message delivery.

How to connect to our SMS Gateway

  1. Email to SMS – Perhaps for legacy reasons or perhaps it’s just the quickest way to get up and running, you can send correctly formatted HTML or plain text emails to our system which will convert them on the fly to SMS. Get documentation.
  2. Using wrappers, off the shelf classes that you can consume in your application. See SMS wrappers for apps.
  3. HTTP/S GET Request – Universally simple HTTP GET method where you make a standard URL request formed like this  sample code available in PHP, Java, C#, Perl, .NET, C++, Python, CLI, C, VB.NET, Ruby and ASP). Get documentation.
  4. RESTful API connectivity – a feature rich API for experienced developers. You can control almost all the functions of your account programatically such as injecting numbers, send campaigns, receive SMS via short or long virtual numbers, create sub accounts, cancel campaigns, schedule SMS, check your balance, move credits between admin and sub accounts and much more (sample code available in PHP, Java and C#).

If you have any questions or queries on connecting your application to our SMS Gateway, the technical team are standing by on or 0117 205 0202.

What can you do with our SMS Gateway?

We have built our APIs to be both powerful but at the same incredibly easy to integrate with your software.  Our distributed architecture allows for high resilience and high availability connectivity ensuring your apps can be connected to SMS with piece of mind. Text messaging doesn’t have a lot of fancy options as you might do with email for example but we have built our systems so you can control as much of your SMS activity as you need to.

  • Sending SMS – single shot SMS, scheduled or timed SMS,  612 character SMS messages, international SMS, high volume or bulk SMS.
  • Receive SMS online – receive SMS via our keywords on a shortcode (e.g. 88802) or via a Virtual Mobile Number (e.g. 07777876876). You can consume the data right into your application or get responses emailed to your favourite email package
  • Reporting – pull down individual delivery reports and group reports, have your system notified when delivered or failed
  • Contacts – create groups and inject contact data into your contacts area, contacts automatically synchronise with Google, Capsule and Mail Chimp
  • Administrator functions – programatically create sub-accounts under your administrator account, transfer credits between sub/master accounts

If there are specific features you would like to enquire about then contact us on or 0117 205 0202.

Connecting to our SMS Gateway with off the shelf plugins

The text marketer system also includes the ability to pull down and in some cases synchronise contacts straight off the shelf in to you contact groups.

  • Mailchimp – one of the largest email programs. This plugin allows you to synchronise data between your Mailchimp and Text Marketer accounts and also allows people to text in to join your Mailchimp list.
  • Magento – integrate Text Marketer with your Magento ecommerce store.
  • Capsule CRM – this plugin allows Text Marketer to connect to your Capsule account to pull through contact data.
  • Google Contacts – a very powerful plugin as Google Contacts is used by so many other software packages which allows you to connect to your Google Contacts account and pull through contacts and groups.
  • RDB Pro Net – integrate our SMS gateway with this leading recruitment software.
  • WordPress Contact Form 7 – Integrate SMS with your WordPress site forms.

We have also got instructions for how to integrate SMS with many other software packages – see all the SMS Software Integrations

Our core Infrastructure

  • Our service has an uptime of 99.99%
  • Servers are located in London on a Tier-1 network utilising multiple bandwidth providers such as Level 3, Abovenet, Telia, Tinet and LINX
  • The data centre is ISAE 3402 Type II SOC 1 Audited and ISO 27001:2005 (Information Security) compliant.
  • Our services utilise server clusters for resilience and load balancing.
  • Custom-built distributed architecture from the ground up to meet the demands of high throughput requirements

If you need further information about the complete infrastructure, failsafes, load balancing or any other technical information please contact us.

Why should we choose Text Marketer’s SMS Gateway?

Great products…. Great prices…. Great support.

As this is on our website, I don’t think saying too much more will convince you – as it’s coming from us. Why not see what hundreds of independent reviews have to say about us?
The basic ‘in a nutshell’ selling proposition of Text Marketer is to provide the best tools and the lowest prices and give great customer support with it.
Let us know if you need anything else. We’ve tried to make the site and support systems as information rich as possible so you can ‘help yourself’ for documentation and instructions but we’re always and and ready to help should you prefer the more human touch.
To get going, simply open an SMS Gateway account and we’ll get an account opened up for you with some free credits for testing.