SMS Text Gateway – Builders' Merchant Hooks Up

MKM Uses SMS Text GatewayMKM, the UK’s largest independent builders’ merchant has hooked up to Text Marketer’s SMS text gateway. They are now using SMS as an effective, low-cost way of communicating with their large and varied customer database.

With 39 branches across England and Scotland and tens of thousands of customers, MKM needs a communication channel that can reach out to their customers with relevant and timely offers and information bulletins.

Using an SMS text gateway is the only practical and cost-effective solution. While e-mail is free, open and read rates are so low that it’s unlikely that more than 10% of customers would actually read the message.

Contrast that with a 98% read rates for SMS and you can appreciate why so many more businesses in the UK are turning to SMS as a far more reliable way of getting a message across.

MKM’s latest offer uses the SMS text gateway to let customers know about breakfast events across the network.

“MKM Breakfast Morning at Stoneferry branch today. Meet Viessmann’s new Area Manager Martyn Lockwood and their competitively priced Vitodens P Series Combi’s, now with a 5 year warranty and a free flue.”

By using the SMS text gateway, texts can be easily personalised so that each customer receives a text with an offer that is tailored to them. Texts can also be timed to be sent based on trigger events such as ‘time since last purchase’ for example.

Integrating with Text Marketer’s SMS text gateway is far more straightforward than most people think. Most companies can get the service fully up and running in less than a couple hours. Setting up an account is completely free and you will receive some free text credits for testing. There is no monthly fee or nasty contract and your text credits never expire.

We’ve made the effort to ensure that our SMS text gateway documentation is as clear and straightforward as possible. Any queries though and we’re standing by to help answer any questions.