Have your cake and eat it too – Infographic

It appears when it comes to marketing you can Have your cake and eat it too, with mobile marketing. Whether you run a pizza restaurant, kebab shop, Indian or any other type of fast food outlet, there really is a golden opportunity to increase sales using SMS.

Mobile Marketer researches show that 70% of all mobile marketing searches result in action within 1 hour. With Google saying that 61% of local searches on mobile phones resulting in a phone call. When it comes to restaurants Google says that 30% of all restaurant searches are made on a mobile.
So with so many people searching and using their mobiles to find restaurants and order their food, when you market and advertise your business to their mobile it really can have a very positive and dramatic affect.

Hipcricket discovered that 90% of people who participate in SMS loyalty programmes feel they have gained value from it. With 68% of people saying that they would like to receive offers to their mobile phones. (Upstream) Mobile marketing is a very powerful tool if used correctly and it can really help your business grow, particularly through word of mouth. With 92% of people passing on info about deals and offers to their friends. (Ogilvy/Slideshare)
Papa John’s Pizza use Text Marketer and mobile marketing to great affect. Over a three week period they increased their sales by over 33%.

Text Marketer have your cake and eat it too infographic