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SMS marketing for car dealerships – Infographic

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SMS marketing for car dealerships - Infographic

We suggest ways that your car dealership can use SMS marketing to enhance your business.

To start with SMS is 5 times more responsive and 8 times more responsive than email. Maybe you phone your customers, well SMS will dramatically reduce the cost of your phone bills by up to 95%. As well as saving you money it can also save you time, to phone 15 customers could take up to 45 minutes, where to text 15 customers would take 1 minute.

It will also help you build customer loyalty and help your business grow by word of mouth, 23% of people will show or forward an SMS marketing message to a friend. (Mobile Marketing Association) Not only that but your customers can reply to your text which in turn you can reply to them.

You can segment and target particular customers to send them tailored messages, maybe regarding new tyres, cars or just MOT’s.

The motor industry is not know for being green but using the SMS marketing would certainly boost your green credentials as sending a text is virtually carbon free.

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SMS marketing for car dealerships - Infographic
Source: Text Marketer Bulk SMS Services

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