The truth and nothing but the truth – Infographic

Common urban and mobile marketing myths exposed in ‘The truth and nothing but the truth’.
Such as snakes dislocate their jaw, which is a common urban myth believed by many that is not actually true as they just have a very flexible jaw. Another common myth is that you need a mobile app for your business to really kick start your mobile marketing, again this is nonsense, with BlackBerry stating that 99% of mobile apps are opened just once.

The Great Wall of China is so big you can see it just with your eyes from the moon. Again this seems to be a common myth believed by many but in truth it’s impossible as with your naked eye you can barely make out continents. Also what seems to be believed is that you can’t send messages to your customers that have not opted in, false. You can send your customers messages if you have gained their number as part of your discussions.
These myths and others have been exposed so enjoy!

Text Marketer SMS marketing myths busted infographic