Why you cant afford to ignore mobile marketing – Infographic

Text Marketer why you can't afford to ignore sms marketing infographic
A very simple infographic about why you can’t afford to ignore mobile marketing.
Mobile marketing is astonishingly effective in fact it’s 5 times more responsive than direct mail and 8 times more responsive than email. (Mobile Marketing Association, Cellit) You can also put a smile on the faces of your finance department because it is very cost affective and will save you thousands. As well as saving you money it will certainly save you time, sending an SMS campaign to thousands will only take minutes, giving you time to concentrate on other things.
We all know that in business it can be a dog eat dog world, so using SMS marketing can really give you a competitive edge, it is estimated that only 32% of UK businesses are using SMS effectively. Just to give SMS and your business a real feel good factor on top of what we have already said before, SMS is the green way of communicating and can save thousands of trees, making your company more environmentally friendly.
Source: Text Marketer Bulk SMS Services