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SMS is no pie in the sky – Infographic

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SMS and mobile is certainly no pie in the sky. Its benefits and results are there for everyone to see, and when used properly can be a very powerful and effective tool to improve your business.

Mobile has grown from strength to strength with the vast developments and improvements in technology. Nielsen have said that 91% of adults have their phone within arms reach 24/7, this in turns means that 98% of text messages get read (Frost & Sullivan). Which just shows how powerful mobile marketing can be, especially when you compare that to only 22% of emails getting read, and 84% of all emails this year will be spam (The Radicati Group).

As well as this, Litmus state that 44% of emails are opened on a mobile device, which begs the question why not just send a text? No need to rely on strong internet signal, and no worry of will the email load properly, or was that email even mobile friendly?

Shopping and sales is increasing massively through mobile, 28% of internet usage now comes through a mobile phone, with 16% of retail searches coming through a mobile. In 2012 50% of Mother’s Day sales came through a mobile (Pew Research Center). Econsultancy states that 25% of people have now made a purchase on a mobile and that figure has almost doubled since 2011. When it comes to URL links SMS is far superior to email, with 19% click through rate on SMS and only 4.2% click through on email (Textboard & Mailchimp).

We all know that word of mouth can be the most effective way of growing your business, and SMS seems to help with that. 90% of people in SMS loyalty programs feel they have gained from it (Hipcricket) and with 92% of people passing on deals sent via mobile the chances of your deals and business spreading by word of mouth is very high. (Ogilvy & Mather/Slideshare)

What we can do here at Text Marketer is offer you a free account to try it and see for yourself, but also we save the average customer 38% on their SMS bills. So give it and us a try and grow your business today.

SMS is no pie in the sky - Infographic


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