URL Shortening tool added to Messagebox SMS Marketing tool

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You can now send any length of URL (web address) via text message in Messagebox and automatically convert it to about 16 characters – saving you lots of space for more useful information.

How to use the URL Shortener

Simply go to Send Message in your Messagebox account. Enter the text message and put in the full URL. You will then see a button to the bottom left of the message box highlight – called URL Shorten – simply click this and you’re URL will be replaced by something like http://m0r.at/ws

This will be clickable by the recipient which will then redirect them to the full web address you entered.

‘Short’ video demo of the Shortener

Coming Soon

In the coming weeks we will also be adding a chart for click through tracking in your analytics area so you can see how many people clicked through.

Google Analytics tracking

You can also now make use of the long URL’s used by Google Analytics to ‘inject’ campaign information into URL’s. This means you can actually track what people do on your website (if you use Google Analytics). As well as see all the usual pageview information, if you use ecommerce tracking you can actually see if the buy too and how much they spent!

So now you can really calculate how much money you made out of your text campaign. See how to track click through rates in text messages with Google Analytics.

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