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URL Shortening tool added to Message Box marketing tool

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Our URL Shorten tool allows you to shorten any web address you include in your message, meaning more characters for your message, and now we can track how many clicks you get and track who clicked your link, when and how many times they clicked it and on what device – read more here

Putting a URL link to your website or a particular product in your message makes it easier for the customer and can really improve your response rates.

How to shorten your URL

To shorten your URL is really simple. First, you will need to go to ‘Send SMS’, once here type in the message you want to send in the ‘Message’ box, include the full URL you want your customers to click and go to, and click the ‘URL Shortener’ button. You can then save it or tick the tick box to track mobile phone number clicks – that’s it, see really simple.

Shorten URl Track 1

Shorten URl Track 2

Here you can see the blue highlighted section is the URL which has been shortened to save credits and make your message look a bit neater – but shortening your URL also allows you to check the click-through rate on the link and see exactly which customer has clicked your link, what time they clicked and on what device.

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