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Mobile VS Email Statistics – Infographic

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Mobile VS Email Statistics - Infographic

The big heavyweight fight, Mobile Marketing VS Email Marketing. If you are sat there wondering which is better, more effective, more convenient and the medium which is flourishing and growing, then this infographic is for you. We are not going to sugar coat any medium or look at it through rose tinted glasses, just cold, hard, stats and facts to see which medium is best for you to send your marketing messages out on.

Over 150 billion texts were sent in the UK in 2011 (Ofcom) , where there is a whopping 144.8 billion emails sent everyday (Radicati Group). All this means that the average person receives 178 texts and 1216 emails a month (Tatango) . But where this really becomes interesting is where you look at what percentage is actually read, Frost & Sullivan research shows that 98% of all texts get read, compared to only 22% of emails. It is calculated by The Radicati Group that 84% of all email traffic this year will be spam.

The International Telecommunications Union say that there are 6 billion active mobile phones in the world at the moment, with that figure only growing. With The Radicati Group saying that there is only 3.6 billion email accounts in the world, the number of which are active we don’t know. But we do know what device people view their emails on, 44% open their emails on mobile devices, 33% open their emails on a desktop and 23% on webmail (Litmus).

In 2012 51% of marketers ran campaigns just for mobiles, and when you compare that to just 11% in 2011, you can really see the growth (Popai). Sticking with marketers, 58% say that mobile will affect their email program in the next 12 months, which is up a massive 46% from last year (MarketingSherpa). With 61% of marketers now saying that they use mobile messaging to connect with prospects and clients (Loyalty360).

First impression is everything and some customers can be very demanding, according to Compuware 74% of people will only wait 5 seconds or less for a webpage to load. With 69% saying that they will delete an email immediately if it does not display correctly (BlueHornet). People also want to view webpages on their mobile device, 46% saying that if it doesn’t load properly they won’t return (Gomez).

The click through of URL’s in messages researched by Textboard & Mailchimp shows that 19% of people clicked a URL sent by SMS but only 4.2% clicked on a URL sent in an email.

We are not going to say who we thought won you come to your own conclusions but I think it is clear to see mobile marketing is clearly the way forward.

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Mobile VS Email Statistics - Infographic
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