5 Text Message Marketing ideas that will outgun anything else you do – for a modest £121 plus VAT

It’s difficult to overstate how important it is for businesses to be engaging with their customers via mobile. Here’s a simple recipe of how prove it to yourself.

Text Message Marketing continues to surprise

You may be sceptical about text message marketing. Won’t your customers get annoyed if you text them?
After nearly 14 years in the industry, we’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t. Texting is only annoying if it’s irrelevant and pointless – or it just relentlessly sells.
Treat your customers by text in the same way as if they were on the phone or over your counter and you’ll find it’s the most responsive communication channel ever. People don’t ignore text messages.
So here you go. Take £121 plus VAT of your company’s hard earned revenue and prove it one way or the other.

The Magic 5 (based on over a decade of experience)

1. Talk to your customers!

Sounds obvious doesn’t it.
Text a randomly selected sample of 500 of your customers asking them to text you back with their opinions of you.
By simply asking people, you’ll get a load of useful feedback as well as a much more loyal customer.
2. Trial a voucher code text promotion
An easy way to demonstrate how powerful text marketing is. Text a voucher code to 1000 customers to redeem on your website or over the phone.
3. Talk again to your customers!
You’ve now got the results from 1. above. Text out to those who responded with a thank you and voucher code for a discount. Text those who didn’t respond to ask why.
4. Create a special event
People love being looked after. Create a unique ‘something’ and text 500 customers the web address or event address to let them know they’re invited. Ask them to RSVP.
5. Text a reminder
Sending text reminders shows you care and are helping your customers out in their busy lives. Text 500 people a reminder if you can about an event relevant to your product or service. Use another voucher code if possible to track the results.

Total outgoing texts cost (3,000 @ 3.7p each): £111 plus VAT
TxtUs reply number for reply texts: £10 plus VAT per month
Total spend: £121 plus VAT

You can set everything up to do this automatically online – pop along to https://www.textmarketer.co.uk and open a free account, buy the 3,000 credits and a txtUs number via the purchase button in your shiny new account and follow the instructions to send out the texts.