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Evans Cycles Integrates SMS API

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Evans Cycles use SMS APILeading bicycle retailer, Evans Cycles, has now started using Text Marketer’s SMS API to send delivery notification texts to its customers.

It’s a simple service that just adds that little extra to the buying process. The anticipation and excitement of the arrival of a shiny new bike is almost too much to bear and the text allows people to pick it up the very moment it’s available.

Your order W001XXXXXX is now ready to collect at our Canary Wharf store, E14 5EZ. Tel. 020 7516 0094. Please bring ID to collect. 

The SMS API has been integrated with the Evans CRM system at store level, this allows managers on the ground to initiate the texts alerts. 

Text Marketer’s SMS API has been designed for speed of integration as well as reliability. The system uses a simple HTTP post method to connect to Text Marketer’s platform. 

There are three main ways that companies integrate with the SMS API. Basic Connectivity allows developers to get up and running fast. The quickest we have come across is just 7 minutes. The simple SMS API wrappers provide you with sample code in your programming language of choice. In most cases it’s just a case of copying and pasting the relevant code and then testing. (Please note that you are responsible for testing the code samples on the website.) The advanced RESTful API provides a far more detailed service, with a host of tools and applications. 

Setting up an SMS API account is easy and straightforward. You will receive some free text credits for testing. If you use the promo code DEV6 when you sign up, you will receive 50 text credits. When your account is set up, you’ll need to consult our comprehensive SMS API documentation and decide whether you will be using the simple SMS API, the code wrappers or the full RESTful service. 

We are always here to help, so if you have any queries, we’d love to hear from you. Our details are on the contacts page.


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