The perfect Christmas gift – Infographic

The Christmas period is a time for concerned turkeys, popping shirt buttons, sleeping Grans and people spending money.

In December 2012 there were 2.8 billion visits to retail sites in the UK, a 30% increase from 2011. Boxing Day was record breaking for the UK, with 113 million visits. (Source – Experian Marketing Services).

With the majority of people now being able to access the internet on the move there has been a new problem for the brick and mortar shops to deal with, ‘Showrooming’. The term is used to describe people who use their mobile to compare prices and products while shopping in store. A survey conducted by Econsultancy found that 21% of people were checking prices and reviews when in stores. This new trend might be quite scary for some businesses as there is a good chance that the customer might find a better price with your competitors than you. However with some forward creative thinking you can use this new trend to your advantage.

Mobile marketing has many useful functions and has been used creatively in many ways to help businesses and brands flourish and produce amazing results. This ‘Showrooming’ trend might be the perfect way for your business to connect with its customers who want to use their mobiles to hunt down a bargain or just some more information.

With the help of some in-store graphics you can turn your brick and mortar shop into a physical interactive web store, placing QR codes next to products that link to product pages on your site which gives them more information on the product, reviews, videos etc.

What most people want however is the knowledge that they got a good deal, a feeling that they are special and not just another walking pound sign. So offer the chance for customers to get in-store discounts through your mobile marketing scheme by putting up in-store signs and posters telling them to text you for discount and deals.

This will be good for you in two ways. Firstly, it means you will hopefully get a purchase from the 21% who are ‘Showrooming‘.

Secondly, you will build up a database of customer numbers that are interested in your business and your mobile marketing so you can send them future messages.

Having a busy Christmas period is a great way to start the new year by putting your company on the front foot and going in the right direction. So try and make the most of it and use all the channels of communication you have available to you. So if your not already sign up for your free account today and see how mobile marketing can give you the perfect gift this Christmas.

Text Marketer perfect gift infographic