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Boxing Day 2013 Stats

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The dust has settled, all the presents are now unwrapped, dirty dishes fill the sink, and there is only the coffee chocolates left in the bowl, that means only one thing, it must be Boxing Day.

Boxing Day has quickly become one of the most important day’s in the UK retail industry, with 9.8 million people braving the busy hustle and bustle of the high street to get the sales. This year we have seen record breaking numbers in spending with £2.7 billion being spent in the UK on Boxing Day, with £2.22 billion being spent in-store. (Centre for Retail Research)

Not surprisingly there was a 15% increase in the amount spent online, £540 million, with IBM finding that 45% of that was being purchased through a mobile device. This was the first year that website traffic was overtaken by mobile devices with 58% of all online traffic coming from them.

James Lovell from IBM says that, “Mobile has rapidly become the dominant channel and now retailers really need to look at the role that each device is going to play within the overall customer journey and decision making process. The key challenge will be how they maximise the effectiveness of these devices to help augment the in-store customer experience as well as the traditional digital only channels.”

Mobile marketing can help you reach these millions of people who are looking to spend their money and grab a bargain. Sending them exclusive offers and deals is an obvious way to capitalise on this, but having in-store graphics about your mobile marketing scheme which offers them discounts and deals will help you grab the attention of the tech savvy customer.

Boxing Day 2013 Stats
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