Social Media in a Nutshell

Social media is not just about keeping in touch with friends or posting photos of your lunch, it’s business – big business.

However, having a profile on every social media platform can become time consuming. So which one is best for you to invest your time in? Well, this arguably depends on what type of business you have.

LinkedIn positions itself as the largest professional network – it’s a serious place to hang out!

Pinterest seems to appeal to the designers, photographers and those looking to get their creative juices flowing.

Twitter will tell you that it’s easy to build an audience and following, and Facebook will probably say they’ve got the most users.

The above points are my personal experiences of each service – however to dismiss one as not relevant for your business could be costly, customers can be recruited on each and every platform with the correct strategy.

We are sure that you probably already know this and are already tweeting and posting away, but what you might not have in place yet is a text messaging service. Our experience is that the good old text message can complement a social media strategy very effectively – for example, what’s the best way to promote your new mobile app? You could consider sending a text message, with a link to download it so your audience can install it there and then.

The figures for mobile they are still staggering, according to the guys at Super Monitoring, 91% of the world’s population has a mobile phone and Ofcom research states that in the UK just over 150 billion texts were sent in 2011 alone. When you consider that 98% of all text messages are read (Frost & Sullivan), it’s no surprise that SMS is an incredibly powerful communication channel.

Also consider that only 22% of emails get read (Frost & Sullivan) and 84% of all email is spam (The Radicati Group). Text messaging produces 6 to 8 times higher engagement rates than email (Cellit).

So, embrace Social Media – it’s good to share. But do also keep in mind that mobile marketing can deliver a huge and immediate boost and return on promotions.

Text Marketer social media in a nutshell infographic