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93% rise in web traffic thanks to Text Marketer

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There’s nothing we like to see more here at Text Marketer than stats and feedback from customers on their mobile marketing exploits.

Mainline Menswear is a fashion retailer that opened in 2002, launching their website in 2004.

It was 2007 when they really started to find their feet on the big world wide web. Starting with 6 members of staff and a dozen fashion labels they now boast over 70 big names in fashion and employ over 40 staff across 2 sites along with their own custom built warehouse delivering world-wide.

The growth via the site has made them one of the largest independent fashion retailers around; they amass hundreds of thousands of visits every single month to their site and they plan to continue growing at this incredible rate.

We are very proud here at Text Marketer to say our SMS services have assisted Mainline Menswear along the way.

For example on Boxing Day 2013 they decided to send an SMS campaign using Text Marketer and they received a 27% rise in overall traffic, a 45% rise in direct traffic and a very impressive 93% rise in mobile traffic!

These are impressive stats that would be almost impossible to achieve via any other method. It left Mainline Menswear – and therefore all of us here – very happy.

Our customers will also tell you that mobile marketing is not just about selling, there are so many other uses for it and we love it when one of our clients finds a way to use it to separate them from their competition.

When purchasing items online customers can often encounter issues with the order – information entered incorrectly, bank details etc. Mainline Menswear have recruited mobile marketing and Text Marketer into a major part of their customer service process. By sending the customer order updates by text they have managed to convert one third of all failed orders into being re-placed without issue at the second time of asking.

We are very proud and excited to partner with growing businesses and we look forward to watching Mainline Menswear continue to grow and to find new and exciting ways to use SMS.

So get in touch with us today and let’s see if we can help to grow your business. Sign up for a free account now

93% rise in web traffic thanks to Text Marketer
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