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The beautiful money making game

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As the TV adverts and new shirt releases will tell you – the FIFA World Cup is on the horizon. Brazil as host nation will add a little extra buzz to an already massive global event.

Love it or hate it a summer football tournament generates income for businesses all around the world – from corporate giants to the corner shop, and is proven to strongly impact the host nation’s economy.

It’s interesting to note that failing to qualify can not only be disastrous for the Manager in the hot seat, but also for that country’s feel-good factor and it’s high street spending. When the England team failed to qualify for Euro 2008, there were some staggering numbers circulated as to what this failure cost the economy ranging all the way up to 2 billion pounds. England shirts and novelty England car flags were certainly lesser-seen that year…

Apart from the team actually qualifying another factor to boost business during the World Cup is the time of the games on TV. Brazil has several time zones but the kick-off times seem to be pretty good for the UK and most of Europe. Some might be a little bit past our bed time but most games fall between 3pm and 11pm UK time.

This means busy pubs, bars, restaurants and takeaways across the country – a welcome boost, especially for any struggling landlords out there.

Pubs and bars in particular will be fighting hard to get numbers in, slashing prices, putting up big screens wherever they can – but what is the best way to let people know about these deals?

This is where mobile marketing can be extremely useful. A simple text letting people know that you are showing the football, with big screens and special offers and word will quickly get around.

MindShare and Ogilvy & Mather found that 92% of people pass on information about deals and offers, which mean your text could pass through the local area like an intricate Spanish passing move.

The expression ‘If you don’t shoot, you don’t score’ springs to mind here – now is the time to kick-off mobile marketing.

The beautiful money making game
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The beautiful money making game
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