How to attract Mr. Right

There was a time when men didn’t shop or ask for directions.
The stereotypical man has changed and so has the way we market to them. The ‘metrosexual’ male has given brands and businesses more reason to think about how they market and who their target audience actually is.

  • 54% of married men carry out the shopping duties for the household (Defy Media).
  • 50% of millennial men considering shopping as a form of entertainment and something to enjoy with their friends (Urban Land Institute).

So how can you attract the eye and hold the attention of this complicated beast known as man?

  • We know that only 5% of men check catalogues for ads and products (Newspaper Association of America) but we also know that 63% of men are open to choosing new brands and products (Defy media).
  • We also know that 70% of affluent men prefer to do their shopping research and purchases online (iProspect) and 73% of men will not go an hour without looking at their phone (Harris Interactive).

So, in order to get their attention the answer still might be to market to what’s in their trousers – I’m referring to their mobile of course!
The mobile phone has revolutionised how we live our lives, it has become an item that you dare not leave the house without – we’ve all done the ‘where’s my phone’ dance. Staggeringly, 91% of adults have their mobile phone within arm’s reach 24/7 (Nielsen).

So, advertising to men through their mobiles makes perfect sense but one of the many advantages of mobile marketing is the ease and the low cost of it.
As for directions – phones can do everything it seems.

Text Marketer infographic how to attract mr right