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The social media new boys

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Facebook and Twitter are the established players in social media but there are some new kids on the block which have them looking over their shoulders.

Snapchat is an app which allows you to send photos and videos to your friends that they can only see for a maximum of ten seconds. A very simple idea and app that Facebook attempted to purchase for 3 billion dollars back in November 2013. Google then offered 4 billion dollars. Both were declined.

Facebook was more successful with the acquisition of Instagram which it bought for approximately 1 billion dollars back in 2012. The photo-sharing mobile platform has gone from strength to strength and is now used by many brands around the world.

Twitter also got busy with the purchase of the mobile video sharing app, Vine. The app lets you loop a video recording which can be up to 6 seconds in length and Twitter managed to purchase this for the very reasonable price of 30 million dollars in 2012.

So why are some of the globe’s biggest businesses purchasing these fledglings for what some might say are staggering sums?

Users. As the infographic shows each of the ‘new boys’ have amassed and army of users, and they have done much of the recruitment via the mobile phone.

Google now states that it is a mobile first company, which means they design everything to look good and work on mobile first then desktop.

Powerful stuff, and with great power comes great responsibility Spiderman. The device that is always at arm’s reach can be used to deliver amazing returns.

Our mission here at Text Marketer is to ensure our customers get the most from mobile marketing.

Every single phone can receive a text message and with the knowledge that 98% of all texts messages get read, you need to be sure your message is in good hands. (Frost & Sullivan)

The social media new boys
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