People don’t want a quarter inch drill, they want a quarter inch hole

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We strive to make our system as easy to use as possible – our developers are constantly trying to find new features that will make our customers experience with Text Marketer that little bit easier.

We also place great importance on our low prices – value for hard-earned money. So, if you’re already sending SMS within your business, we have a strong offer.

…but what about those of you that are not….

Below are some of types of messages we see our customers sending on a daily basis – and the results are extremely positive.

SMS and missed appointments. 
Millions of pounds are lost every year by people forgetting about their appointments with their doctor, dentist, optician, driving instructor and so on. These missed appointments can be heavily reduced by sending a simple text reminder to the customer with the details of their appointment.

Tell the world about your new product – perhaps even before it launches.
Giving customers details about your new products before it comes out could help you build up your brand loyalty. You could even get pre-orders for the products selling before they even hit the shelves.

Everybody loves to get a good deal.
Let customers know you have got a deal on at the moment or offer them money off via a voucher or discount code. This can push new sales and remember that many people will pass on details about your offer to friends and family – encourage this, it’s good to share.

Keep them in the loop.
Alert your customer via SMS to let them know you have received their order and when they can expect the delivery.

Your call is important to us please hold.
No one likes being on hold for hours on end, so why not text your customers updates and instructions? Or even text them to let them know when the queue has died down and the best time to phone.

There are loads of ways mobile marketing can help your business run more efficiently, enhance your customer service and improve your sales.

Papa John’s pizza restaurant increased their average weekly takings by 33%, Mainline Menswear increased website traffic by 93% and the Bath Store sales surged by 32% the day after they sent out their campaign.

So why not give it a try today, sign up for free account here.