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How to keep ahead of your competition

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Show me the money graphic

We live in a cynical world with tough competitors according to Jerry McGuire.

And he’s right – every business must find its own USP that will separate and elevate them away from the norm.

So how do you pull away from other businesses that offer products similar to yours?

The answer is Service. Whether it’s a click online or visiting the store; we like to do business with people who we like and brands that make us feel special.

“People buy from people” Sean Driscoll, Madison MediaWorks

But how does a company create personality and build relationships with its customers when there is no physical customer interaction?

It has been interesting to watch established brands take tentative steps into Social Media to engage with customers – and it all seems very positive when it’s done correctly. However, what about the millions out there that are not checking Twitter feeds or other applications?

Thankfully for us – SMS messaging is the app that every single phone has pre-installed.

The text beats email and apps for open rates and ensuring your message hits those target handsets. You can also enable replies from your customers should you want to – no other channel can offer an instant personal conversation that is not only convenient for the customer but for you as a business.

So why not sign up for your account now, there’s no obligation and we’ll even throw in some free credits to get you started. We are confident that mobile marketing and SMS alerts will set you apart – let us show you the money.

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