7 Reasons why you need to go mobile

1. We can’t leave home without it
The great advantage of mobile marketing is the delivery mechanism is always with your target customers. Whether they’re out for lunch, down the gym or even on holiday – their mobile will be to hand.
Nielsen have found out that 91% of us have our mobiles within arm’s reach 24/7, no other marketing channel can get close to that.
So, it seems that everyone has a mobile and they keep it with them. Marketing budgets are moving towards mobile and away from television, magazines, radio and billboards with sound reasoning.
2. Your message will get read
You can write a BAFTA Award Winning marketing message but if your customers and target audience don’t see it then there really is no point.
98% of all text messages get read and on average text messages are read within 5 seconds. (Frost & Sullivan)
3. Mobile is more personal
We all want a personal service and a company that cares and makes us feel special. We want to feel appreciated when we are parting with our hard-earned cash.
To many the mobile is regarded as a very personal device so if you send a relevant, timely and welcome message to your customer it will demonstrate that you respect the powerful communication method and it will hopefully help cement a relationship between you and your customer.
4. It’s how people want to communicate
It’s estimated that 91% of the earth’s population has a mobile phone. (Super monitoring)
Dr. Drouin from Indiana University has found that 89% of us suffer from PPV syndrome or Phantom Pocket Vibration Syndrome, which is when you are sure your phone vibrated in your pocket but it didn’t. This is all because we want our phone to go off; we want to be contacted on our mobile.
There are also people who suffer from a fear of not having a mobile phone – 66% of people in the UK suffer with Nomophobia (the fear of being without a mobile).
5. It’s cost effective
You might think that you need a large budget for mobile marketing and only the huge companies can make it work – I’m delighted to report that this assumption is false.
To send a 1000 texts would only cost you £37.00 and when you consider that those 1000 messages will get read by your customers you can see why so many companies are starting to wake up to mobile marketing.
6. It’s how they will be contacting you
People searching for businesses on mobiles has gone up 500% in the last 2 years (Google) and with 9 out of 10 mobile searches leading to action (Search Engine Land) it makes perfect sense to contact them through their point of contact.
Even email is moving from the desktop to the mobile screen with 44% of all emails now being opened on mobile devices. (Litmus)
7. Mobile is only going one way – up
The final point is that mobile is the only media consumption that is on the rise.
From 2009 to present TV, online, radio and print are all in decline; however the stats for mobile are in stark contrast. (eMarketer)
TV          2009 – 45%     2012 – 38%
Online    2009 – 25%     2013 – 20%
Radio     2009 – 17%      2012 – 12%
Print       2009 – 9%      2013 – 4%
Mobile    2009 – 4%      2013 – 20%
Text Marketer infographic - 7 reasons why your business needs to go mobile