All Spam No Ham

Mobile marketing can bring you results you’ve been dreaming of.

Response rates are 6 to 8 times higher than email (Cellit).

A response rate can be improved however by sending more relevant messages to your customers. A recent study by Hipcricket shows that customers like receiving messages to their mobiles but improvements are required on message content.
The message must have worth – put yourself in your customer shoes…
Would you like to receive this message? Would you find it interesting or useful?
Would you act upon it? Is it relevant to them?
Segmentation is your friend. A salon we signed recently started sending deals on refer a friend to their female customers and news of recently launched shaving service for the men. We were pleased that they segmented that campaign correctly!
You can segment your database by sex, age, interests, occupation, type of customer and what they mean to your business – find the way that will help you send more relevant messages to your customers.
Some interesting stats from the Hipcricket study
52% felt the message was spammy
46% felt the message wasn’t relevant to them and their interests
33% said the message didn’t offer any value
41% would share more information with brands if they were offered relevant offers or coupons
More relevance to the individual = a higher response.
More ham less spam.
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