The early bird forgets the worm

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Millions of messages have been sent through our SMS gateway over the past few years – from carefully planned tactical campaigns to last minute messages to boost those sales figures.
We care about each and every message sent and we want you to get the best response possible from your campaigns.
Whilst message content and the quality of the data is key – timing is something that can be overlooked. Sending a weekend offer too early could be forgotten, but sending it too late might be lost if plans have already been made.
Different sectors should consider the best time to send messages to their customers.
Shops & Retail
The pay-day-deal is obviously a great example of a time-sensitive campaign.
Weekends also play a part here. If you want foot-fall perhaps a Saturday morning message could work well before shopping plans are made. Online offers also seem to do well on Sunday evenings here – don’t send them too late though!
Takeaway outlets & Retail
Early evening should be perfect to get those taste buds tingling.
Bars, Pubs & Clubs
Our Great British pubs can benefit hugely from SMS, try sending out a message an hour before kick-off, an hour before the first quiz question is asked or before the first karaoke song is sung.
Nightclubs and late bars are sending messages out on a Friday and Saturday nights promoting a drinks offer or entrance discounts. You could also offer the chance for your loyal customers to jump the queue by showing your message on the door.
These are just a few examples that might help with the timing of your message, other things that can influence this are national or global events or even something as simple as the weather.
Top tip – you could always split your data up and test different times – and repeat what works.
For more tips, have a look at our tips and tricks of mobile marketing article – some great tips to help you with your mobile marketing campaign.