How to improve Customer Service and cut costs with SMS

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If your business ships products then you have an issue – how do you ensure that your product gets to the customer in good time in an ever demanding marketplace? Next-day deliveries are becoming the norm, same-day deliveries are on the rise. This can be tough on the retailer – an increase in online deliveries to an often moving target. There is one thing that moves with your customers though; their mobile phone.

Your customers will welcome effective SMS updates, if a business can use mobile in a useful way everyone wins.

Emailing does not have the immediate effect – would they see the email in time? Would they open it at all? Telephoning customers with delivery details is expensive, time consuming and could be intrusive to the recipient.

Thankfully SMS saves the day – 91% of people have their mobile with them 24/7 (Nielsen). Your customer will read the message too as 98% of all text messages get read compared to 22% of emails (Frost & Sullivan).

However this is not the only reason why SMS has succeeded for online retailers and couriers, it’s the instant contact and the ability to change deliveries on the fly that has made this relationship blossom.

A typical message could read:

Hello John your parcel is out for delivery between 8 – 11.30am at the following address… However if you would like to change any details please reply with any of the following
1 – Change delivery time to afternoon
2 – Change delivery date to tomorrow
3 – Request a call to alter address

This gives the customer greater control; the chances of a successful delivery are enhanced and you’ve achieved this in a very cost effective manner.

Can you offer your customers a valuable service by mobile – like delivery or appointment reminders easily?

Can all of this improve customer satisfaction and save your business money?

We know so.

So why not sign up for a free account today and see how mobile marketing can improve and save your business money.