The triple M plan – your mobile, media and marketing strategy

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Let’s start with that mighty mobile device sat in your pocket or hand right now – your phone. Phone sales continue to go from strength to strength year on year, and our use of this wondrous device has altered. Dive into a social media stream, take photos, watch videos, play music, browse the web – or perhaps make a phone call or send and receive text messages. You literally have the world at your fingertips, in a phone that is no bigger than the hand that holds it.
The phone has changed the way we work, live and play. It’s an integral part of our lives and we dare not be without it, in fact 91% of us keep our mobile within arms-reach 24/7 (Nielsen).
There are loads and loads of staggering facts and stats about mobile use and mobile web adoption in the world today but I just want to share a couple with you.
It’s estimated that four out of five global internet users in 2014 will be a mobile web user (Mobithinking).
The estimated number of smartphones in use is likely to surpass the number of PC’s in use – probably sometime in the first half of 2014 (Business Insider).
mobile marketing, business SMS, bulk SMS, SMS API
In summary – your customers phones are important to you.
Social media is not just about keeping in touch with friends or posting photos of your lunch, its big business. The user numbers on the prominent social media platforms are staggering and this creates a huge amount of potential for businesses large and small.
With the introduction of the smartphone and improved internet coverage the social media platforms have seen a huge increase in users and are now predominately accessed via a mobile device. Facebook have announced that they now have passed the 1 billion mark on monthly active users via a mobile device.
If your business can devise a marketing strategy where mobile marketing and social media compliment each other then you really are onto a winner.
For example you might own a shop and you have a new season of stock coming in that you want to let your customers and the world know about.
A simple graphic with accompanying text to represent the whole campaign can be spread far and wide in a few simple clicks – let’s make this go viral.
Post that info across all relevant social media platforms – encourage followers to like, comment and share.
An SMS campaign to your customers will hammer home your message – 98% of all text messages are read after all (Frost & Sullivan). Perhaps offer your customers the chance to get 10% off by sending a voucher code – again encourage them to forward this to friends and family, include a link to your mobile site too. 92% of people will pass on info about deals to friends and family (Mindshare/Ogilvy & Mather).
Set up a keyword on a short code number like 88802 and promote it on your social media posts connected the campaign. Then when people text you for more info you are building up a bank of additional mobile numbers that you can send info to in the future.
business SMS, Bulk SMS, SMS API, mobile marketing
It is about getting your message out there to as many potential customers as you can. By harnessing social media and mobile marketing you are giving your business the best possible chance.
Have a look at the top social media platforms stats in this interesting infographic – Social Media in a Nutshell.