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How to get the perfect job through SMS

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The recruitment industry is fast-paced and fiercely competitive. Working in the sector demands speed of action and co-ordination – you need to get ahead and keep ahead of the numerous competitors.

You have your vacant job that you need to get filled and you have 300 applicants that you think might be right for the job – what next?

Do you send out an email to all of them about the job?
You could do, but unfortunately emails are easily missed and not an instant point of contact – only 22% of emails get read (Frost & Sullivan) and 84% of all emails are spam (The Radicati Group).

Do you give them all a call?
You could do – however ringing 300 candidates is very time consuming, costly for you and can be inconvenient for the candidate, especially if they already have a job.

From finding and matching candidates to ensuring they get to their interview, we have some of the UK’s largest recruitment agencies using our service to help them fill their job vacancies quickly and efficiently via SMS.

Send out a text message to all your potential candidates in seconds. It’s quick, easy, cost effective and also discreet for the candidates. You can send them all the details of the job, personalise the message, and ask them to give you a call when they have a minute.

“Hi John – Account Manager in Bristol, Software Company, £50K OTE. Give me a ring if you want more details on it 0123 456 7890 thanks, Josh”

This message puts the ball in the candidates court – allowing them to respond (when convenient for them) if they’re interested.

The system is also effective for offering shifts to existing staff:

“Weekend shifts available this month. Double time, text back if of interest – first come first served! Text SHIFT to 88802”

In our system, you can store all your candidates’ numbers and arrange them into separate contact groups. Clients can quickly create groups for all their Accountants, Account Managers, Designers and so forth – this means that they can send relevant job messages to their candidates with ease.

SMS really is the perfect candidate – efficient, easy to get on with, reliable and gets great results, but terrible at making the teas!

How to get the perfect job through SMS
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How to get the perfect job through SMS
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