Why timing is crucial for your SMS campaign

We often get asked for the best time to get the most from an SMS alert or text marketing campaign. It’s a difficult one to answer but we’ve set out some points below to help you get the most from your account.
Put yourself in their shoes – Consider the best time for your customers. How would you react to a marketing message after 10pm, we would probably unsubscribe…
Lunchtime offers – drive orders and footfall from 11am or so – lunch plans are being made here.
4pm sweet-spot – great for the restaurants out there. A hungry customer could take you up and place that order.
Retail stores – Saturday morning is the time for you. Ask the customers to bring the text offer with them to receive the discount. Don’t send this one too early though.
Online retailers – Sunday (late afternoon / early evening). A surprising one for us but that’s when customers are making plans for the following week and the next weekend. What to wear / where to eat etc.
Appointment reminders – the double-tap. A message when the appointment is made and a follow-up reminder the day before is effective.
The vast majority of messages are sent in office hours.
Text Marketer can help you queue up your campaigns – our powerful SMS system allows you to schedule sends for the future, so write your message, select the date and time you want your message to be sent, and increase your orders – an effective SMS offer at the right time just works.
Here is a little infographic that might help you…

Text Marketer infographic best time to send sms campaigns