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Will you be having a happy Halloween?

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Thanks to our cousins across the Atlantic Halloween has become the third highest spending holiday in the UK after Easter and Christmas. According to Webloyalty the predicted spend for this Halloween is a whopping £443 million, not so scary after all is it?

Halloween is a dentist’s nightmare filled with chocolate and sweets, however the confectionary market and pumpkin sellers are not the only one cashing in on this spooky holiday.

Predictions estimate that we will be spending around £148 million on scary costumes and clothing alone, so Halloween might be a great time to send out a little Halloween themed campaign to your customers whatever your business is selling.

Whether you are going to be opening your door to the spookily dressed sugar crazed trick or treaters, or whether you have conveniently booked a table for two down at your local restaurant – Halloween is big business and we here at Text Marketer wish you all a happy Halloween, however you spend it.

Here is our attempt at a Text Marketer pumpkin…

Halloween Stats 2014

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