Make Christmas work for you with SMS

Preparation is the key to keep your business running during the Holiday season of endless parties, excitable kids, annoying relatives and unfortunate turkeys. In amongst the chaos Christmas can turn into a retailers dream if they can take advantage of the upcoming spending spree.
Mobile marketing can of course help you get your customers attention in this time of indulgence and generosity, and to do this you need to make sure you are in your customer’s thoughts when they are thinking about making their purchasing decisions.
This is where SMS comes into a world of its own as a marketing channel
Planning ahead is key, scheduled sending and automated responses can relieve your workload and boost sales. Write all your marketing messages and then tell our system what time and what day you what them to be sent out – then sit back and relax knowing your mobile marketing plan is being taken care of.
Online orders should explode on Monday the 1st of December – November pay is in and the hunt is on for presents. They’ll want those toys before stock runs out and they’ll want delivery ASAP.
Christmas mobile marketing
The final weekend before Xmas will make for very busy High Streets up and down the country – so make sure you get some extra footfall by sending a campaign on Friday the 19th of December.
Christmas mobile marketing
Boxing Day has become one the UK’s biggest and most important days in the retail calendar.
Christmas mobile marketing
Some simple text messages examples there that you can schedule to your customers at any point, helping you organise and plan your time effectively over the festive period and giving you the best possible chance to get more sales.