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What customers really want from you

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Lots of happy customers is what we all strive for – from here relationships can form that can hopefully lead to lots of happy loyal customers.

To create a following of loyal customers is desirable, but to do that you need to give them what they want… so what does the modern consumer want?

SAP have conducted a massive global study with consumers from 12 nations and the stand out message from them is they want to be able to communicate with businesses & brands via SMS – happy days!

• 81% of consumers said they prefer SMS over mobile apps for communicating with their brands.

“We are moving away from customers asking ‘Is there an app for that?’ to asking ‘Is there an SMS for that?” Sethu Meenakshisundaram, President of SAP

• 71% say it’s annoying having different conversations in different apps – they want all their messages in one place

However to create a loyal relationship with your customers you need to give that little bit extra and a recent study by Emarsys reveals that the answer to this is, drum roll please… personalisation.

• 42% said that special or personalised treatment would keep them coming back to shop

So it seems that when extra effort is made with service it doesn’t go unnoticed and we will keep coming back for more.

With our powerful SMS system sending personlised messages is quick and easy (learn how here). We are convinced that if you start sending your customers personal and relevant messages offers via text message then you will start to reap in the rewards.

Why not step it up notch and start sending birthday offers to your customers? Anniversary offers? VIP offers?

“Consumers want a relationship with their favourite brands, and to be valued and understood. The key to achieving this for brands is personalisation. They need to make better use of the data customers share with them to target offers and ideas that are truly relevant. In our experience it’s this personalisation that keeps customers coming back, and repeat visits build loyalty and trust.” Steven Ledgerwood, UK managing director of Emarsys.

Consumers want you to be personal – Mobile is personal and it’s about time your marketing was too.

Stats about what customers really want - infographic
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