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Sending a message – the simple, the useful and the clever

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Our powerful online text messaging gateway messagebox, is a very clever and easy to use system. It’s jam packed with a load of cool little features that will make your job a lot quicker, easier and hopefully more profitable.

However some of these great features are often missed, so we are going to be uncovering a few of these hidden gems in a series of blog posts and here is your first instalment.

Copy/Paste Numbers into the ‘To‘ section for a quick and easy send
If you don’t want to set up contact groups and upload your numbers you can simply copy and paste your numbers straight into the ‘To’ section in messagebox, then compose your message and press send.

It’s just a really nice and easy way of firing off a campaign – just paste numbers in, compose message and send – job done!

Business SMS marketing - uploading contacts


Include a URL in message
Putting a URL link to your website or a particular product in your message makes it easier for the customer and can really improve your response rates. We also have a neat little feature that will shorten your URL link in the text for you.

Shorten URl Track 1

Shorten URl Track 2

Here you can see the blue highlighted section is our URL which has been shortened to save credits and make your message look a bit neater – but shortening your URL also allows you to check the click through rate on the link and see exatly which customer has clicked your link, what time they clicked and on what device.


Adding an opt out option
You need to give your customers the opportunity to opt out of your messages if they so wish, and we supply every account with a free opt out keyword to do so.

All you have to do is simply click the ‘Stop’ button and your opt out message with keyword will be added automatically – which you can see is highlighted in blue here.

Opt out code


Give it a campaign name
Give a campaign a name so you can easily find it within the sent items section and check the campaigns analytics – if sending lots of campaigns this will help you locate a particular campaign easily and quickly.

Simply type your campaigns name in the type field provided and hit the ‘Save’ button on the right.

SMS marketing campaigns

We hope some of these great features and functionality will make your mobile marketing experience an easy and profitable one.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment…

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