The 12 texts of Christmas

Christmas mobile marketing messages
The mornings are getting colder, there is a dusting of snow on your garden’s footpath and the windscreen of your car is thick with a stubborn frost, this can only mean one thing – Christmas is getting closer.

We all know you can’t buy a happy Christmas but every year we all try to make this Christmas better than the last, by buying a larger turkey, the biggest tree and the brightest lights to wrap around it like a flashing Christmas winter scarf.

During the holiday season, many businesses are often so busy selling that they fail to nurture what they already have, not realising that this is often a far simpler marketing strategy. Through rewards and notifications you can make your customers feel safe in the knowledge that they have got a great deal and are valued, your client base and outreach can grow.

In this busy festive period making sure your message gets heard can be tricky and that’s why so many businesses use mobile marketing to promote their offers, services or any news updates that will improve their customer experience.

So without further ado here are our 12 texts of Christmas to make sure you have a great Christmas this year…

#1 Inform

Showing that you care about your customers by texting them key information such as opening times and contact details over the Christmas period can provoke a response to visit your business or take up your service during a required time frame.

#2 Members only

Using the term ‘members only’ in your texts for events and special offers can make your consumers feel special and infer loyalty.

#3 Follow up

Held a recent company event or had customers purchase specific items or services, follow these up with hints and tips to get the most out of them, perfect for increasing confidence in your brand and encourage sharing.

#4 Re-market

Using your collected data to text the customers who bought from or took up your service last year says that there is a good chance of them returning this year. Text them with promotions for similar products or services.

#5 Christmas cards

With less people sending Christmas cards than ever before thanks to personal text messaging, you can tell your customer or staff members that you’re thinking of them with a personal Christmas text.

#6 Advent

We all love peering behind the door on our advent calendar, well what about creating a text advent campaign for your customers in the lead up to Christmas with various offers, rewards, coupons or tips to use in the New Year, all of which will leave them highly anticipated for tomorrow’s text.

#7 Encourage traffic

Retail spending online rose by almost 12% last Christmas with more than 50% of mobile users accessing the Internet via mobile (IBM). If your company trades online or has a special offer online, text it.

#8 Reminders

We all have full diaries and calendars over the Christmas period and can often miss out on events or meetings. Use SMS as a means of keeping your customers up to date on loyalty events or staff in the know about upcoming meetings.

#9 Christmas presents

Money off vouchers, a free game, a promotional code all amount to gifts that will prove useful for your consumer over the festive season. Give and you shall receive.

#10 Limited

Offering flash specials that have to be taken advantage of there and then will keep mobile subscribers interested and encourage a response.

#11 Save time

Life seems to get busier around Christmas and the lead up to the big day, save customers time by allowing them to send payments or log into a website with a text reminder.

#12 Confirmations

If a consumer has ordered a service or product from you, letting them know that it is on its way or has been booked through a text confirmation will encourage confidence in your brand by making things simple for them.

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