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9 of the funniest texts ever sent

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The decorations are down, your clothes are that little bit tighter and the empty champagne bottles have ‘just about’ disappeared from the recycling – cue the January blues.

In this teeth chattering, chilly month, we at TM thought we would try and help lighten the mood by sharing with you our picks of some of the funniest texts we’ve seen.

January blues? What January blues…?

1. We start with a Mum who just wants to celebrate the beauty of the natural world – how sweet.

funny texts

2. A little prank that I am sure most parents will be taking a note of for future reference.

Funny texts

3. A mother who hasn’t quite got to grasp with the difference between Google and texting.

Funny Texts

4. Watch out, a killer moth seems to be on loose…

Funny Texts

5. We have a cereal eater who won’t let anything or anyone get in-between them and their cereal.

Funny Texts

6. A Mum who hasn’t quite got down with the texting lingo yet – but sterling effort nonetheless!

Funny Texts

7. An extremely helpful and useful text…

Funny Texts

8. Some things are just too difficult to explain.

Funny Texts

9. Finally, break ups can be hard, however we think this one is a keeper.

Funny Texts

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