Become an SMS Super-Marketing-Hero

With a great marketing platform comes great responsibility, and mastering the art of the personal ‘on-the-go’ mobile device can sometimes mean finding a balance between fighting off the baddies and bringing in the goodies.
The business of marketing in any industry is now very much mobile, and with almost 6 billion out of the 7 billion on earth owning a mobile (Hubspot) there is no better time than now to kick start your text marketing efforts – if you haven’t already!
So how can you avoid being the baddy when it comes to SMS?
Become a mobile marketing champ by using these 5 key skill sets for SMS Superiority – all year long.
#1 Driving Data
80% of consumers say they have never been marketed to via SMS by their favourite brand or company so check if your current data is relevant and if you are using the right methods to collect it. (Hubspot)
Regularly monitoring repeat purchases will identify loyal customers and perhaps spark a clean-up of your current database of mobile numbers.
Segmenting your database will also allow you to combine your data with your commercial needs and goals, also by rewarding loyal customers you can ensure they remain ‘opted in’ to your text campaigns – remember more relevancy, more response.
#2 Timing is everything… 
While 91% of people have their phone with them 24/7 (Nielson) and can’t leave home without it, it is unlikely that your customer will want to be bombarded with texts throughout all hours of the day – after all, some will need their beauty sleep more than most. Therefore timing is always critical.
Results from a study by mobile research firm Zokem suggest that those looking to market to customers by SMS should look to send when customers are likely to be most active in SMS, during the hours of 10am and 8pm.
Where you’re unable to send text blasts at specific times, consider our free scheduling tool in your armour to plan ahead and reap the rewards.
#3 The Power of Mobile
72% of people in the UK own a smartphone that harnesses a vase array of capabilities which means that sometimes sending a plain text SMS of 160 characters is good but won’t set you out from the crowd. (Deloitte)
Consider our cool Messagebox features, such as URL shorteners, to direct traffic to responsive webpages for your business, whether for an app download, purchase, access to a discounted offer or personalised voucher.
The mobile has the power to bring your calls to action to life, we bestow them upon you – use them well!
#4 More personal
As the preferred method of marketing, SMS is often more effective, with open rates of 98% when compared with just 20% of emails, so is received and often digested better by the recipient. (Hermsmedia)
Around 75% of mobile users also agreed they would prefer to have offers sent to them by SMS rather than being flooded with indirect advertising through websites, social media and apps. (Business matters)
The feeling of receiving a text message is not only more personal but more natural to the consumer but be sure to provide them with an option to opt-in or out rather than drowning them in advertising. This will give them the feeling of having more control.
#5 The Law
No Superhero is above the law, but works in combination with it. Use this to your advantage by sending texts within the legal regulations and industry guidelines and not being tempted to step over the line when trying to get in front of competition.
Always make accurate disclosures, provide opt-ins/outs and secure correct levels of consent from the recipient – if you wouldn’t be happy to receive that text, then why would they?
Don’t be an SMS Villain
The average person looks at their mobile phone 150 times each day (Nokia) and YOU can be responsible for saving them from SMS hell by using these Text Marketer tools to create a simple, smart and profitable campaigns.

How to be an SMS super marketing hero infographic Text Marketer