How to make them fall in love with you…

“It’s the thought that counts” are usually the words expressed by the soon to be single man after a Valentine’s Day mishap.
This sentiment and notion of not buying each other gifts is usually upheld until the very last moment, then the streets are paved with panicking men, restaurant phones are continuously ringing and the internet a wash with indecisive punters looking to make a good impression.

Whether we are looking for love or just looking to have an argument free night, little cupid and his arrows not only aim for our hearts but also our wallets as we tend to hand over quite a bit of cash.

Can we have the bill please. Valentine’s Day is now not only about flowers, chocolates and cards, the modern day romance has spread to expensive dinners, clothing, romantic get aways, clothing and what every man’s wallet dreads to hear, jewellery.
So even if you aren’t the town’s best chocolatier or the Alan Titchmarsh of your city, then Valentine’s Day is still a very good chance for your business to make some extra cash.

Why not show your customers some love and make them feel special by sending them a special Valentine’s Day personal text message with an offer – customers love to feel special all year round but particularly at this time of year.

Perfect valentine gift

  • 42% of consumers say that special or personalised treatment would keep them coming back to a shop (SAP)

Now, although we would highly recommend for you to send your customers a personalised Valentine’s day text message, we wouldn’t really recommend that you just send your partner a Valentine’s Day text although many people do…

In 2012, over 200 million “I love you” and “Will you be my Valentine” texts were sent – unfortunately although we can almost guarantee that all those messages would have been read, we believe the success rate of them might have been low.