Increase leads, sales and your customer base with one little magic word…

You might have read that title and been very skeptical and somewhat pessimistic about what this ‘magic’ little word can actually achieve.

However do you know what the best thing about this word is? It’s the fact that you can choose it yourself, it’s incredibly easy, very affordable and completely hassle free – sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

Well without further ado here is that word, drum roll please…..


Now, I could almost hear your sigh of disappointment from here, but please bear with me as a keyword really could help your business grow and thrive.
A keyword lets your customer text you on our short code number of 88802 to opt-in on your mobile marketing scheme, giving them the chance to receive a voucher code or coupon, or any information you would like to send them.

With the added aid of our free auto responders, you can choose to either sit back and watch the texts roll in or carry on with other pressing business matters.

So what to do?

Choose your keyword and then promote it in-store and on your website which will help convert your website traffic into leads and customer sales. Do you have a big social media following? Then promote your keyword on there too and watch your customers grow.

The magic of a keyword Text Marketer infographic