Mobile Flying high with Flight Quotes

Mobile Marketing increases sales
Some people love to travel in style and luxury – Flight Quotes lets you do that at prices that tempt even the most money stringent customer.
Travelling to over 80 destinations worldwide with all the major airlines, they offer you the chance to get a little luxury whilst you jet through the clouds, by offering you some great reduced price deals on airline tickets and luxury holiday packages.

Our powerful and simple SMS platform has helped them grow and develop their business into an extremely efficient and profitable business venture.
We were keen to grab some time with them to discuss and luckily for us they agreed…

What do you use mobile marketing for?
“Flight Quotes Limited in the UK and our Outsourcing Operation in Sri Lanka are responsible for the marketing of some household name travel and flights businesses in the UK. We use SMS marketing for informing past enquirers and customers of special offer fares to 64 destinations.”

What were your results?
“SMS has transformed our business, as a result of which in the last 12 months, we now spend much more on SMS marketing than any other media including PPC and Newsletter emailing.

SMS marketing generates over 100 qualified, serious telephone enquiries for us daily Monday to Saturday, as a result of which we have expanded our sales team from 5 to 15!

Shifting from PPC and email marketing to SMS marketing has increased our sales turnover by an average of 30%, and as much as 50% in identified, targeted niche markets.”

Were you pleased/impressed with your results? Would you recommend it?
“Yes I would recommend it.

There is a simple reason for this, you can ignore a email in your inbox, but you do not ignore a SMS text that goes to your personal phone 

“There is a greater call to action, furthermore most of our customers prefer to receive an SMS than an email, as all you have to do is to click on the Call Centre number displayed on the SMS to speak to a human operator who is a destinations expert for the destination you want to fly to or click on the URL to reach a mobile enabled website and see all relevant offers at a glance.

SMS enables our customers who have given us their mobile numbers to act fast on special fare offers, with limited seat availability. It saves them money at the bottom line and gets them expert destination information for free.

We have also fine-tuned the tool with continuous testing; e.g what is the best time to send out, what is the optimum number of hours an SMS mailing should be spread out amongst.”

How did it compare to other marketing channels you use?

The Return on Investment was 3x higher than on PPC

“Writing a text within 160c was a less time consuming operation than a newsletter email campaign or a complex PPC campaign – results were easier to evaluate, and we had tighter control over budgets than other media.”

Could we possibly get some stats/figures from you? 
“SMS marketing has increased our sales turnover by an average of 30%, and as much as 50% in identified.
In 2013 we sent out an average of 50,000 texts monthly, in 2014 the average had increased to 100,000 and currently we are sending out 125,000 texts monthly.

Average daily Weekday mailing = 5,000 (and growing)
Generates over 100 qualified serious booking enquiries
We sell around 500 tickets per month at around £550 each ie a sales turnover of £275000+ from our mailings
SMS helped us gain critical mass within 12 months, compared to 2 years plus for PPC which we relied on earlier.

We were also able to penetrate niche markets and establish a presence and market share within weeks rather than months or years.”
It’s stories like this that make us happy and proud that all our hard work, to provide you all with the best SMS platform and service we possibly can, is worthwhile.

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