Mum's the word this March

There are more than 2 billion Mums in the world, making up just over 30% of the world’s population, but everyone will always say that theirs is THE best. With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday (March 15) there’ll be plenty of customers ready to show their Mum just how much they love them.

As the largest spring season sending event, Mother’s Day is worth an estimated £50.4 million for the greeting card market (Greeting Card Association) and a whopping £400 million for the retail gift market (Media Reach) and it’s not too late to target sons and daughters with your SMS marketing campaigns either…

If you’ve not got your card and gifts sorted for Sunday yet, it is likely you will be a part of the 70% of consumers purchasing Mother’s Day related gifts during the week of the event (Premier Line) so whacking out a well-targeted and concise text message campaign to retail shoppers is perfect-timing this week!

Why not consider including a link to your online site to a specific Mother’s Day gifting page? 31% of mobile users research and compare gift pricing on a mobile device with 18% going on to make a purchase on their mobile – so it couldn’t hurt. (Marketing England)

Mobile search activity seems to spark three days prior to Mother’s Day for ‘flowers’ (Boutique to You) and it’s not surprising with 86% of Mums expecting to receive them on the big day. If you’re a florist make sure you have Roses and Lillie’s in abundance as these are the firm favourites.

It’s not just retailers that can benefit from a last minute Mother’s Day mobile marketing campaign either, with 57% of mother’s preferring to be taken out on the special Sunday – restauranteurs can reap the rewards too.

75% of shoppers globally spend more on Mother’s Day than Father’s Day – so when it comes to retail and marketing it seems that ‘Mum’s the word’!
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Mum's the word this March