SMS – Recruitment’s best kept secret

SMS under recruitment's lock and key

Competition is fierce when you’re on the hunt for a new job, but when you’re a recruitment company looking to help people find work it can be pretty tough too, which is why making sure you are offering to go that extra mile for your potential candidates, is key.

As many as 90% of recruitment agencies have claimed that text messaging has helped their business grow enabling them to reach more than two-thirds of the world’s population that own a mobile with SMS. (Dialogue Communications)

With this in mind, Text Marketer have explored the further opportunities SMS marketing can unlock, with Software Advice’s latest survey of job seekers which revealed that a combined 43% considered recruiters to be more ‘professional’ when they sent out SMS to job seekers.

This figure does vary according to age groups with almost half of the respondents (47%) being 18-24 years preferring SMS over email and phone calls, with that number declining as age increased.

Perhaps target school and college leavers and university graduates with your first trial campaigns to see just how well they respond to your attempt at helping them get onto the employment ladder.

So when would be the perfect time to send SMS when you’re a recruiter?

– Notifications of new vacancies
– Schedule an interview
– Confirmation/reminders of interview dates and times (21% of job seekers prefer to be contacted by SMS for this.)
– Changes in interview dates
– Better advertising of more urgent or temporary positions
– Follow-up an interview experience
– Instant acceptance of job opportunities with two-way SMS

More than 80% of job seekers use mobile applications to look for a job and only 17% of the recruitment industry has woken up to the prospects this medium holds (Intxt) meaning that there is huge chunk of the market still not being explored by recruiters.

At a time when finding a new job can be as difficult as a needle in a haystack showing your candidates that you are there to not only help them find a vacancy, but see them through to knabbing the job, will make them more inclined to use you to find work and recommend you to other recruiters and job seekers.

Sign up for your free account today and see how SMS can prove to be an invaluable communication tool leading to successful candidate placement and better interaction and response.