The Grand Budapest mobile hotel – the mobile holiday maker

Now, we don’t want to jinx it but the sun has well and truly had his hat on recently.

As the Spring sun shines down on the basking pink faces of the British public, reluctantly checking the time on their mobiles to catch every last minute of sun before lunch is over, we begin to realise that it’s that time of year again . . . the holiday season.

There is nothing we love more than setting our out of office reply on our email and spending a few days away from the daily confines of the habitat we like to call home.

We walk around with a smile from cheek to cheek and spring in our step as we go in search of warmer climates, while constantly telling everyone and anyone who will listen that we are about to go on holiday.

Research suggests that we are going away on holiday more than ever, and the facts speak for themselves as record numbers of holiday makers have been visiting our shores spending record amounts.

So why the increase?

Well, our millennials seem to be the ones that are generally more interested and have the time and money to be able to holiday. From weekends away here in the UK to spiritual thinking time in a remote village in the Philippines – they love a getaway.

So how can a hotelier cast his millennial marketing net over these young holiday makers?

Software Advice Research suggests that more than half of hotel’s total reservations are accounted for by loyalty programme members, and without being rude what’s surgically stuck to a millennials hand? Yes, their mobile phone.

SMS loyalty programmes are massively on the up. Big brands have recognised our need and want to be connected through our mobile phones, and as it’s the most convenient way for the customer, it means that it’s the most responsive way for the brand or business.

Not only this, but we now live in an age where we have so much choice it can be hard to make our purchasing decisions. Price and the product or service have and always will be factors but as those two become more and more inseparable between different brands, we are now on the lookout for whoever makes us feel special, wanted and who we can connect with.

These are just some of the reasons why SMS loyalty programmes and mobile marketing schemes are proving so successful with brands and businesses and the modern customer of today.

Text Marketer infographic showing benefits of mobilising hotel loyalty programme