Get excited about Mondays – turn them into 'Monyays'

Love Monday's with SMS marketing
The Boomtown Rats had it right when they sang “I don’t like Mondays” – who does?
Well with May Day Bank Holiday just around the corner we think there’s plenty of opportunity to fall in love with the much-dreaded first day of the working week – well temporarily anyway.
With plenty of opportunity to bring in more customers with up to date news, offers and rewards via SMS before the Bank Holiday even kicks in you can make sure that their bank holiday as well as your company’s gets off to a flying start – and there’s plenty of reasons why.
According to a survey conducted by digital commerce solution provider, Venda, online spending during the May Day bank holiday increases by 17% on the day but that’s not it, it increases with a 33% spike on the following Tuesday when compared with spending two weeks previous.
From planning Summer holidays or days out, to a spot of DIY or retail therapy consumers just love getting their credit cards out to spend online, spending an extra 22 seconds shopping online than any other Monday!
The 2014 spends saw a rise of 260% in spending, last year, thanks to mobile shoppers purchasing on a smartphone and 54% increase on tablets, which means sending marketing text messages to mobile has never been more valuable.

Use our URL shortening tool to direct your customers to specific bank holiday landing pages.

Now’s the time to get planning your bank holiday marketing in anticipation of such spends whether retail, restaurants or relaxation.
Retail-Assist latest figures suggests that 43% of consumers will be looking for a spot of escapism from the temperaments of the sunshine as they plan and even book their Summer holiday over the bank holiday break.
Perhaps it’s time to plan your brand or company’s big break this May in anticipation of the bank holiday. Line up those SMS campaigns and encourage your customers to love Mondays just as much as you…