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Are you mobile body ready?

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Get your SMS marketing body texts just right

“There is no such thing as bad publicity” or is there?

Now you might be thinking, the way to your customers’ hearts is through their emotions – but evoking the right ones is a good start, unlike the infamous beach body campaign which was banned earlier this week…

At Text Marketer we specialise in all things SMS. When it comes to communicating via mobile, making sure that you deliver the right kind of message straight into your customers’ hands will be critical to your success or failure.

There’s nothing we like more here at Text Marketer HQ than to see our customers getting the most from their text marketing moments. Where is better to start than in the body of your bulk SMS message?

So, are you mobile body ready?

Avoiding socially irresponsible or offensive statements will dodge any controversies and being sure to add an opt-out will avoid bothering the wrong people. Why not take a look at the dangers you should avoid in mobile marketing to keep your marketing out of the danger zone.

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