Simon: the legend who has helped shape your business today

Back in August 1994 Simon helped shape the modern life that we now know 20+ years on… he has travelled the globe from Mexico to China, he has been in many bedrooms and boardrooms from which he could certainly tell a tale or two.
He has experienced the high life rubbing cheeks with the famous and the Royals from around world, he has brought laughter, love and heartbreak to many – he has been thrown out and lost but he still comes back with a new trick or two to win back our hearts…
Ladies and gentleman we introduce to you to, Simon. The IBM Simon Personal Communicator – the world’s first smartphone.

Simon, the worlds first smartphone

Simon was a portable phone that could take notes, had a calendar and software apps, and could also send text messages and emails! There was obviously no mobile internet back then so sending those emails was tricky and you think your battery life is bad? Simon could only muster up an hour before he needed a nap and went to sleep.
But how has Simon and his smartphone siblings really changed the way we live today?
Apart from uploading pictures of your food, taking selfies and watching funny cat videos that is?
The smartphone has changed the way we conduct business, sell our business and market our business.

The portable phone has changed the way we communicate – the smartphone has changed the way we live.

The customer journey has gone from foot to till and now thumb to shopping cart. With 4G spreading across the country and globe we are seeing a rise in the number of smartphones being taken up as peoples only internet source.
The number of smartphones in the world is steeply increasing and so is the number of people purchasing through their smartphones, this has led to the rise in mobile marketing and advertising we now see today.
Big brands and businesses have shifted their marketing budgets from billboards and televisions to mobile campaigns and texts. This shift in spending has been wise and well received, as most, if not all of their customers have smartphones meaning when they receive a simple text all they have to do is simply click on the sent link and be taken straight to the desired webpage.
The advantages of mobile marketing are huge, the open rates are untouchable, the cost is low and the application is simple, but most of all it’s personal and convenient to your customer.