Mobile marketing – Is bigger always better?

Is bigger always better in mobile?
Given the significant rise in mobile adoption, with more than 7 billion people on earth now owning an SMS enabled handset (The Independent), it’s no surprise that mobile marketing is at the forefront of every marketer’s mind…

With the launch of the iPhone 6 Plus marking the arrival of a display 28% bigger than its predecessor and Samsung, HTC and Nokia Lumia also following suit, with bigger handset designs, you’d be forgiven for thinking that bigger is always better.

While it may be the case with technology, in marketing we’re here to tell you, that it’s not always the case…

Bigger and more generic marketing methods whether online or offline will always cost more money, meaning the opportunities for a higher return will always be limited. Just because our customers are buying bigger it doesn’t mean we need to – one of the perfect opportunities that SMS marketing provides is the ability to buy in larger text message bundles, at a smaller price, for an even BIGGER return.

It is estimated that the average person checks their mobile phone 150 times per day, from home to work, work to play and back again – delivering your message to the palm of your customers hands then, couldn’t be a simpler or a smaller strain on the purse strings.

160 characters has a BIG impact

Do you collect your customer’s mobile numbers but have no idea how to use them?

Text marketing with loyalty programs, rewards, news and stock updates can help you connect more closely with your customers. By opting in for SMS marketing and giving you their contact details, they’re opening up an opportunity for you to capitalise on open and read rates eight times higher than traditional marketing messages often received through direct mail and email.

SMS can make customer service a BIG deal

Good customer service is more important to consumers than marketing, now more than ever – it proves industry experience, shows your success and sells. Of course, customer service should be proactive rather than reactive and one of the most effective ways to do this is through texting.

Communicating with customers through a method that they are used to when communicating with friends and family, allows you to provide a more instantaneous service, making your company appear more approachable and them feel like they are getting a more personalised service.

SMS can be combined with existing marketing methods for BIGGER impact

The key to a great marketing plan is one that is diverse and considers various channels of communication. Combining different methods allows you to reach a wider audience.

Consider pairing your SMS marketing with another online campaign, through social media, for example. Use an industry or brand specific keyword on our 88802 short code within your social media campaigns so customers can “opt-in” to receive updates, enter competitions and give your database a boost.

Building your brand’s presence this way will be sure to reap even bigger rewards.