Why do you love your Mum more than your Dad?

Father’s Day is imminent and we’ve discovered your little secret…… You love Mum more than Dad – don’t you?
But fear not as it appears the whole world seems to share what appears (at first glance) to be a closely guarded secret…have those unwitty, embarrassing jokes they’ve told over time come back to haunt them?

Consumers spend 3 times (75%) more on Mum’s than Dad’s
on the retrospective days (The Drum)

Bad dance moves and embarrassing jokes aside our Dads were there from birth too – so why do we spend more on our Mums?
Every year we see the same adverts for ‘Dad’s driving music’ compilation CDs right through to our ‘Best Dad’ mugs, but how many of these can they have? Is it time consumers were prompted to think outside the box – particularly if you’re prompting them to.
With retail spending on the up in the UK over the past few years it’s time our spending habits on Father’s Day changed. While the stats may say you love Mum more than Dad, whether it’s Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or any other day of the year we know you love them just the same.
Father’s Day and others a like give you the perfect opportunity to test out mobile marketing…from retailers and restaurants to leisure and hospitality there’s plenty of room for all sectors.
You can either compare previous non-mobile marketing year’s figures against this years to see if it has worked, or send out an offer code by text and check the response – try and turn £200 into £3,145
Mobile marketing doesn’t have to be all sell, sell, sell, but a personal gentle reminder that your brand is there, promoting the products you have or even a small special offer can really help cement your loyal customer relationships.
So this Father’s day lets all make Dad feel like number one, make those Homer Simpsons and Victor Meldrews smile – and there is no better way to get people spending than a mobile marketing campaign.

Infographic explaining why we often love mum more than dad