The response has been too good – we haven't got the man power

At the Text Marketer towers we like to feel that we have a close relationship with all of our customers, your feedback and campaigns over the years have helped us design and build a market leading SMS platform that many would kill for.

We have had some very rewarding stories from delighted and ecstatic clients as they see their response rates from their mobile marketing campaigns – however some have been too good to handle.

We know just how good the response rates from mobile marketing can be, so good in fact that some of our customers have said that their websites have crashed because of the huge increase in traffic due to their campaign.

Phone lines jammed with customers struggling to get through and websites crashing – welcome to the immense power of mobile marketing.

So listening to this fantastic feedback from you we have come up with a way you can send out your campaigns and effectively manage the huge responses that will inevitably be coming your way.

Welcome to spread sending.
Under ‘schedule send’ in Messagebox you will see the option to spread the sending of your messages out over a desired time frame, anything from 15 minutes to 24 hours.
So instead of sending your message to all of your customers in one big blast, we will divide up the recipients for you and send them your message accordingly. This spreads out the response rate, taking the pressure off your website and allowing time for your phone operators to breathe.
Spread send your marketing messages
A lot of our big retailers are using this feature…

“We use the feature to reduce the load on our website but primarily to even out call volume spikes to our telesales team during busy offer periods. The SMS campaigns are an effective way of communicating promotion reminders to our customers which has previously been demonstrated by improved conversion rates”

Machine Mart

Mobile marketing is a great tool for any business, but Text Marketer mobile marketing really is on another level.